Home Coffee Grinder for Grinding Whole Bean Coffee Top Rated

A home coffee grinder you can rely on. I’ve been using my Mr. Coffee home coffee grinder for about a year now. It is reliable, easy to clean and most of all, it gives an even grind to my whole beans.

Home Coffee Grinder

As you look for a home coffee grinder, there are two different types to consider. The blade grinder like the one here, and a burr grinder.

The blade grinder has a stainless steel blade in the bottom of the grinding chamber. It is designed to distribute the beans around the cup while giving a reliably consistent grind.

A burr grinder will give a bit more constant grind, but for a home coffee grinder, the blade type is a good choice.

As I mentioned, this Mr. Coffee model is the one I have been using for a year or so now. I’ve not had any issues and it does a fine job of grinding my whole bean coffee.

Mr. Coffee is a brand you can trust to always have reliable equipment. This model gives you several settings from number of cups to the desired type of grind. Since you are looking for a coffee grinder you can use at home, this is my recommendation.

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