High End Coffee Makers For the Home Grown Coffee Connoisseur

High End Coffee Makers

High end coffee makers. What determines "high end" when it comes to coffee makers. To me, it is not the price rather it is the quality of the machine, the features and of course, will it make a great cup of coffee. 

The Jura IMPRESSA F8 automatic fits the bill. Jura is known for high quality and this is the first one in it's class to come with a full-color TFT display. Does this mean it makes a better cup? No. But it does give it a higher, classy look for the connoisseur coffee drinker.

Jura IMPRESSA F8 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black

This extremely innovative 2.8" full-color tft display makes it easier than ever to understand exactly what your machine is doing.

It is the perfect choice for those who love treating themselves to a perfect cappuccino or latte macchiato. Whatever you desire the Impressa F8 TFT delivers!

high end coffee makers

Jura IMPRESSA F8 Automatic Coffee Machine

When it comes to a high end coffee makers that is affordable, the Jura IMPRESSA F8 Automatic ranks right at the top of many of the other machines. This one is packed with features that make the operation very easy. In fact, this is the first time that a TFT colour display has made an appearance in JURA’s compact class. It makes operation using the Rotary Switch very easy and clear.

I really like the way this machine looks. It has a bold look like a high end coffee maker should. It gets a 4.1 star rating on Amazon. You can read the reviews here.

The Jura IMPRESSA F8 makes my list of coffee machines that will make you a great cup of coffee and last for years.

Jura IMPRESSA F8 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black


Why Choose the Jura IMPRESSA F8

I wanted to find a high end coffee maker that wasn't so high priced. This Jura fits the bill. First, it is a well built coffee machine. Full of features, it makes a great cup of coffee. 

However, not every coffee drinker will choose high end coffee makers. They just want a machine that makes a quick cup of coffee like a Keurig. That's okay, but for those of you who enjoy a better cup of coffee, you want a better machine.

I consider the Jura IMPRESSA F8 high end, but in price, it ranks right in there where the home grown coffee connoisseur can afford a better machine.

Features of High End Coffee Makers

One thing you are sure to like, is the all new grinder. It's twice as fast. Coffee lovers around the world can enjoy pure and perfect coffee with less preparation time and far less noise.

Do you like foam? The Jura is equipped with a foam technology that lets you make the foam without ever having to move the cup. Now that's cool.

How about speciality coffees? All you have to do is turn the Rotary Switch and a list of speciality coffees appears on the 2.8 inch display. Then just push the button and your coffee is headed to your cup. That's what you find on high end coffee machines.

  • The machine is Swiss made
  • Preparation at the touch of a button
  • High performance pump
  • Jura fine foam technology
  • Programmable coffee strength

There is no doubt that the IMPRESSA F8 is among the better high end coffee makers.

All that's left to do is for you to order yours now so you can start enjoying a better cup of coffee.

Jura IMPRESSA F8 Automatic Coffee Machine, Black



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