health benefits for coffee drinkersAre there really health benefits for coffee drinkers? Some research shows there are health benefits while others say not so. Seems this debate has been going on for, well about as long as coffee has been around.

As for me, I say there are health benefits for coffee drinkers. My unclassified list may not be quite what you think, however, it’s my list and I’ll stand by it with my cup of coffee in hand.

Health Benefits for Coffee Drinkers

First let me say that I’m not a doctor, nor a scientist, nor am I a politician posing to be what I’m not. Coffee is meant to enjoy and if that is a health benefit, then coffee drinkers should be quite healthy.

I do consider myself a coffee drinker. I really do enjoy a good cup of coffee. So let’s get on with it, here is my unclassified “Health Benefits for Coffee Drinkers” list.

In no particular order:

  • If you like coffee, it can make you smile. We all know it’s good to smile.
  • Coffee can keep you warm. Hey, after all, if you get too cold you get sick.
  • Coffee can enhance your sense of smell. Is that a health benefit?
  • Coffee keeps you going. The exercise card.
  • Coffee is a great conversation starter. It’s good to have friends.
  • A second cup of coffee doubles the health benefits for coffee drinkers.
  • And finally, the health benefits for coffee drinkers above all others is, if it makes you happy to drink a cup or two, then drink up. Happy is good.
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    Why We Drink Coffee

    There you have it, the health benefits for coffee drinkers and why we drink it. For me, drinking coffee is all about the taste and the memories it stirs. It has a calming effect allowing me to focus on the little things that make me smile.

    I hope as a coffee drinker you to can find those little things that make you smile in your favorite cup of coffee.

    Your Turn

    Why do you drink coffee? What do you find that makes you smile when you have your morning cup of coffee?

    Health Benefits for Coffee Drinkers The Unclassified List
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