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The Hawaii Coffee Company

Aloha from the islands. The Hawaii Coffee Company specializes in 100% Kona and Kona blend coffee.¬†Royal Kona is the coffee of choice in virtually every hotel and fine dining room in Hawaii. It’s a taste of paradise.

In 2000, Royal Kona and LION Coffee formed a partnership under the name Hawaii Coffee Company. Four years later, Hawaiian Islands Tea joined us and we became a coffee and tea family. Today, we are proud to be the largest roaster of Kona Coffee in the world and Hawaii’s leading supplier of coffee to the Island’s hotels, restaurants and retail stores. Aloha!

In 1968, Superior Coffee and Tea (Chicago, Illinois) purchased a small coffee roaster that had been roasting a little known coffee bean from Kona, Hawaii – and Royal Kona was born. In 1990, Royal Kona Coffee Company moved to Hawaii, home of their namesake coffee.

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