Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs – Clay in Motion

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mugs

When I choose a coffee mug, I want one that has a sturdy, substantial feel to it. I want a solid mug.

That’s what I have found the these handmade ceramic coffee mugs by Clay in Motion. One thing that makes them stand out from so many other ceramic mugs is their unique design. They are all crafted from the finest clays. Each one has its own personality design.

Because they are handmade, they will naturally be slightly different. That is what makes them so unique and sought after.

As a coffee drinker, I can appreciate good handmade ceramic coffee mugs for my morning coffee. A good mug simply adds to the enjoyment of the experience.

Clay in Motion

The unique, handmade ceramic coffee mugs by Clay in Motion are quite simply the best I have found. They are more than just a coffee mug, they are a decor piece that you can be proud to display on your counter.

At Clay in Motion, each piece is lead free, dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. All of the clay used at the studio is of the highest grade giving it a smooth texture and high density. They prepare and mix all their own glazes in order to control the contents. They are the best ceramic mugs you can find.

When you purchase your mugs, you will need to double your order because you know someone is going to want them. They make the perfect gift for the coffee drinkers in your life.

Not all handmade ceramic coffee mugs are made to the same standards that Clay in Motion follow. When you put one of their mugs in your hand, you will know you have a mug that will easily become your favorite.

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