Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mug by Clay in Motion Your New Favorite Mug

cool coffee namesHave you heard about the handmade ceramic coffee mug by Clay in Motion? If not, keep reading and I’ll tell you why you should make this your coffee mug of choice. When I look for a new coffee mug, I always want one that has some weight to it and doesn’t feel like a fragile china cup. I want to know that it can stand up to what a good quality coffee mug should be.

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Mug

In searching for some new mugs, I came across the Clay in Motion handmade ceramic coffee mug. I was first intrigued by the look. I really like the colors and cool patterns. They are simply fantastic. There were a few other factors that I considered such as dishwasher safe, microwave safe and price. Now, they are among my favorites.

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Making the choice.

Like I said, they look cool. But just looking good is not enough to completely win me over. A handmade ceramic coffee mug has always appealed to me simply because each one is unique. Though they will have the same style, weight and general appearance, there will be differences. Especially in the color patterns. Slight variations is what makes them unique.

Clay in Motion has perfected the “look” that I enjoy with their blends of warm earth tones. Tans, blues, greens, yellows, they all work together to for a very appealing visual look.

The Design

I’m more of a traditional sort of guy therefore I tend to like the more traditional coffee mugs. Those with a curved rim that makes the coffee roll out of the mug, makes for a great sipping mug. The handles have to have the right feel. I don’t like one that is too thin with no substance. The overall appearance has to be clean, simple, and make a “classic” statement. Again, Clay in Motion perfected what I would call the perfect handmade ceramic coffee mug.

They also have what they call the hand warmer. While it is of the same quality and has the color and look that I like, I’m not one who likes to palm my mug. I want the handle of a traditional coffee mug.

Making your choice.
Let me just suggest that when you are choosing a new coffee mug, look first at one that appeals to you with its appearance. Next look for substance. One that has some weight and a bit of bulk seems to make for a better mug. After that, you can look for things such as microwavable, dishwasher safe, size and other qualities that you may like in your mugs.

Regardless of what type you choose, you can’t go wrong with a new handmade ceramic coffee mug by Clay in Motion. They do coffee mugs right.

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