Gourmet Coffee Preview – Will it Be That Good?

gourmet coffee preview It arrived today! I’m so anxious to taste it. This is my gourmet coffee preview of this 2016 batch of what I feel will be an exceptional coffee. I don’t want to give it away but as you can see, it has a 92 rating out of 100. This should be some exceptional coffee.

My Gourmet Coffee Preview

I haven’t tasted it yet. However, I couldn’t wait so I opened it this afternoon. Let me just say, the review is starting on the right track. This gourmet coffee preview has lots of promise. I hope the taste stacks up with the rating.

The package, as you can see, has it rated at 92 points. It also says something about “in the world” so you can guess how anxious I am to taste it.

Tasting new coffee is always fun and exciting and this one has got my taste buds in high gear with anticipation.

You are not going to want to miss this one if the aroma is any indicator of the taste.

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For now, this is my gourmet coffee preview. You will have to wait a couple days for the results.

If you can’t wait, order yours here. Esmeralda Geisha Coffee Special

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