Good News for Tully’s Coffee Drinkers $9.15 Million Is The Winner

Good news for Tully’s coffee drinkers.

Actor Patrick Dempsey said it appears his bid to buy a small coffee chain has prevailed in a bankruptcy auction that included Starbucks Corp.

So the final decision is up to the judge but if all goes as planed, Tulley’s will have a new owner soon. Not only that, everyone gets to keep their job.

Dr. McDreamy to the rescue

Dempsey, who gained the nickname “McDreamy” on the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” set in a fictional Seattle hospital, has said he wants to rescue the chain.

Hey, I’m all for it. He seems like a good guy and besides, Starbucks didn’t need it. I’m also happy for all the Tully’s Coffee employees that still have a job. Some times there is a good story with a good outcome.
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What do you think about the Tully’s Coffee rescue?

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