Good Morning Coffee It’s Good to See You Again

the morning coffee cupWhen you wake each morning do you rush to the kitchen and greet your coffee with a warm good morning coffee? It’s okay if you do. Actually I think a lot of coffee drinkers say good morning to their coffee as much as the coffee greets them.

There seems to be a bond between coffee drinkers and their morning coffee. A bond like no other. A good morning cup of coffee can make you feel wanted, warm, and can put a smile on your face.

A Good Morning Coffee Love Affair

The attraction between a true coffee drinker and their coffee is much like being in love.

You simply enjoy the morning embrace. That warm feeling that makes you smile knowing your day will be a good one.

Then you can hardly wait to see your dear friend, the coffee maker, around mid morning for another delicious cup. If you’re smiling as you read this, you know it’s you.

Time Together

The time you spend together, you and your coffee, are moments of peace, happiness and completeness. There’s just no other like your morning coffee.

Tea won’t do, and a soda hardly is worth mentioning. You and millions of people worldwide share a love with your coffee that no one else could even describe. It’s your time together.

Whenever you pour yourself a good cup of good morning coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy your time. Think about fun things, the good times. Think about the things that really matter in your life.

Coffee is good and a good morning cup of coffee is too. But there are other things, much more important things that matter more.

Your family.

Your Turn

What do you love about your family?

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2 thoughts on “Good Morning Coffee It’s Good to See You Again

  1. My days do not begin until I properly drink my cup of coffee. I am very particular in how it is made and even what cup I use to drink it from. I love. I live. I breathe. I Coffee. That is so awesome!!!!!!

    1. Hey Molly,
      I fully understand starting your day off with the right cup of coffee. I find it interesting you, as I’m sure many coffee drinkers including myself, have their favorite coffee cup.


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