Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee Review 2016

auromar panama geisha coffee reviewThis is my second time to drink the Auromar Panama Geisha coffee. This is also the second time I loved it. In a nutshell, it drinks smooth and easy. Not harsh or bitter at all. If you are a coffee drinker who has never had really good coffee, then you no longer have an excuse not to. After you read the Auromar Panama Geisha coffee review, you will want to order a bag or two of this fine coffee. When you taste it you will know what good coffee tastes like.

My Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee Review

When I got my shipment of this fine coffee, I was ecstatic. Boiling over with a bit of a silly excitement. Even though it was only a bag of coffee beans, I knew what was trapped inside that shiny gold bag. It was some really fine coffee just waiting to be tasted and enjoyed.

First Things First

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I opened the bag and as the air rushed in it pushed the sweet aroma out. I took in a full nose full. This coffee has a very intriguing fragrance. To me, it had the sweet aroma of fresh raw honey with a hint of a woodsy fragrance. Very nice.

The Beans

Golden brown, with a hint of rich tones of copper, they gave the appearance of being roasted to perfection. Thus, my Auromar Panama Geisha coffee review was off to a pleasurable and satisfying start.

Tasting a Fine Coffee

Before I actually tasted it, I noticed the color in my cup. It has a light golden brown color around the edges of the cup while it is naturally darker in the center. An indication to me that it is a mild roast with a full flavor. And that it is.

As the very first sip slipped passed my lips I could tell this was a fine coffee. The taste is very subtle, yet very interesting. It is not harsh, nor is it bitter. Smooth? One of the smoothest I have tasted. Even better than I remember last year’s Auromar Panama Geisha.

You may think your coffee tastes good, and to you I’m sure it does. But I want to urge you, if you really want a good cup of coffee, order a bag or two of this one. I don’t know how to say it any better. This is a truly fine coffee.

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You deserve a good cup of coffee so order a bag today.

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