4 Tips to Tell if You Have Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

freshly-roasted-coffee-beansYou love your coffee. You buy your beans, grind them, brew them then drink your cup of coffee. Day in and day out, the pattern is the same. But how do you know if you have freshly roasted coffee beans?

The coffee tastes ok but could it be better? Because it smells fresh when you opened the bag doesn’t always mean the beans are their freshest. So how do you tell? Is there a secret to knowing?

Do You Have Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans?

Here are 4 quick tips to tell if you have freshly roasted coffee beans or not.

1. Look for Glossy Appearance

When coffee beans are roasted, the intense heat evaporates moisture out of the heart of the bean and simultaneously draws out the volatile, oil-like substances, which then coats the outside of the bean. Thus a glossy appearance.

2. Oh the Residue

If you pick up a handful of beans and there is a residue on your hand and the inside of the bag, fresh baby fresh.

3. That Little Plastic Thing 

It is a one way CO2 release valve. When the beans are freshly roasted, they give off a gas. If you seal them up without a valve, …up, up and away in my beautiful balloon. The gag will swell from the release of the gases. It needs to escape, thus the one way valve. (that little plastic thing)

4. The Zip Loc Bag Test

Take a handful of your freshly roasted beans and put them in a resealable bag like a Zip-Loc bag. Seal them up and leave them on the counter overnight. If tomorrow morning you have a puffy bag, guess what, fresh beans.

Enjoy Your Coffee

Now you know how to tell if your coffee beans are freshly roasted. Brew yourself a good cup of coffee and enjoy.

Oh, but wait! What if your beans are not so fresh? Chances are you won’t be able to tell much difference whether they are fresh or several weeks old. That is unless you are a bonafide coffee connoisseur or hipster. But chances are you are not so enjoy your coffee as you always do.

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