Can You Freeze Coffee Beans? – Don’t You Dare!

freeze coffee beansFreeze coffee beans? Bad idea. Yes, I know. Your grandmother stored her coffee in the freezer.

Let me ask you this. Did you ever taste it? If you did you will never want to freeze coffee beans. Ever.

There are several problems with freezing your beans. The number one reason is they lose their flavor and freshness.

Freezing coffee is the fastest way to a bad cup of coffee. Here’s why.

Reasons Not to Freeze Coffee Beans

If you feel you have to freeze your coffee beans to keep them fresh, then you are buying too much at one time. Sure you got a good deal on a bulk buy, but you lose when it comes to the cup.

Some will say if you do freeze coffee beans you should be sure to wrap it plastic, put it in a sealable bag, wrap newspaper all around it then vacuum seal it in a space bag.

Well maybe not to that extreme but you get the point.

In my experience, I have found that freezing coffee seems to dry out the beans. They lose their fresh roasted shine and the flavor suffers immensely.

Freezing also subjects the coffee to the possibility of moisture which is an enemy to coffee. The only moisture that is good for coffee is the water you are brewing it with when you are ready do drink a few cups.

Bottom line, don’t freeze coffee beans.

How to Store Coffee Beans

Storing coffee beans is really very simple. Once you open a new bag of beans, you can transfer them to an air-tight coffee storage container. Just pour the beans in, close it up making sure it is sealed tightly, then put it in your pantry or cabinet. A dark, cool dry place is best.

If you want to leave it on your kitchen counter, be sure it is not in a glass container. The light will have an adverse effect on the coffee beans. It can leach out the freshness and flavor.

Coffee storage is not hard. Just don’t freeze coffee beans.

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