Is the Free eBook Dead When You Subscribe?

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Is the free eBook dead? How many free downloads have you got just gathering digital dust deep inside your computer? Find out why I don't offer a free eBook.

Free eBook? Nope.

Subscribe to my newsletter, join my list and get a free ebook. Seems everybody is offering a free ebook, a pdf report you can download, or a worthless white paper for subscribing or joining their email list. The problem is, these digital downloads are simply collecting digital dust somewhere, hidden away on some remote sector of a forgotten folder deep inside your computer you will never find.

If you are one of many countless victims, I know I'm guilty, what is the purpose of yet another digital download that you discard without using the information provided anyway?

Is the Free eBook Dead?

Before some of you decide you want to call the internet marketing sheriff on me, let me explain. I've got a rock solid alibi. Uh, I mean an explanation.

Let me clear the waters here just a bit before I get to it. I too, have opted in, and subscribed to many lists to get the free pdf ebook or report. Some have been excellent, I've read many of them, and even put some of the ideas and tips to use.

But for the most part, they are just free digital bytes taking up space, gathering digital dust on my computer.

My take on the free ebook

How many times have you been offered a free eBook to join a list or to receive a newsletter? I thought so. So why would you want another download to store on your hard drive?

If it's free, is it really worth it? This got me to thinking about it all and what I have decided to do is to not offer a free eBook when you subscribe to The Morning Coffee Cup.

Instead, I would rather you subscribe because you find the value in what I write about on my blog posts. Whether it is a coffee review, my take on some new marketing book or maybe even a discount I find on the hottest coffee maker. These are a few of the reasons I would rather not offer the free download.

Should you decide to subscribe, and I hope you do, I will send you what I call "the good stuff" and yes, it's free too. You just don't have to download it. Simply bookmark the page and come back to it any time you like.

So is the free eBook dead? No. Not even close. It's just for now, I would rather offer you information, links to stuff you can use and a few moments of reading enjoyment.

Shoot. You may even get some good ideas from some of it. Again, I hope you do.

For now, no free eBook here. But since you are here, why not subscribe now. It's free.

Welcome to The Morning Coffee Cup  where coffee, marketing & topics of life fill your cup. I think it's awesome you are here. As for me, I wear blue-jeans & t-shirts, drink coffee of course and enjoy every moment I can with my grandkids. They are my heroes.

I enjoy writing reviews on coffee that I drink and sharing them with you. There's also lots of other coffee stuff inside the cup. Things like marketing and topics of everyday life. A little something for everyone. Be sure you subscribe to The Casual Cup Newsletter. I'll keep you up to date on all the good stuff. Enjoy!

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