Fonte’ Coffee Roaster Review – The Coffee is Cerrado

fonte' coffee roaster review

When I first came across Fonte Coffee Roaster, I knew I wanted to taste their coffee. Since I have had other coffee from roasters in the Seattle area, I suspected their coffee would be really good. I was wrong. Their coffee is excellent! I’m talkin’ outstanding coffee. My first Fonte Coffee Roaster Review is their Cerrado coffee.

Fonte' Coffee Roaster Review

From the moment i opened my box of coffee from Fonte’ Coffee Roaster, I was impressed. I’m talking these folks are serious about their coffee. The packaging is top notch like a fine coffee should be. Did I say fine coffee? How about absolutely one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. 

Let me qualify this. I’ve tasted some really good coffee from other roasters across the country but when I took my first sip of the Cerrado, I was hooked. It is coffee like coffee should be. 

So let me back up a bit to the packaging. They included a professional booklet telling about the coffee and their story. Not some whimpy piece of paper, I’m talking, we are coffee professionals and we want your coffee business type of brochure. Impressive. But what was really impressive was the coffee.

Now the Coffee - Cerrado

Have you ever smelled something that you just knew was going to be delicious? The aroma just draws you in and wraps you up. Talk about aromatherapy, the aroma of the Cerrado instantly took me to places I only dream about as I stuck my nose in the bag. Full bodied coffee aroma. Delicious! Now I’m not just saying this to give a favorable review. I’m talking some serious fine coffee. I was getting anxious to taste this coffee.

Tasting the Cerrado

To taste the Cerrado coffee, I brewed it with my Chemex, which is my favorite method of brewing coffee. I feel it provides a more even and richer tasting coffee.

Are you ready for it? That first sip of freshly brewed coffee from Fonte’ Coffee Roaster. Wow! This is really, I’m talking better than buttered bread, fine coffee. I really did think that this is world class coffee that could be served in any of the finest restaurants in the world. 

More Fonte’ Coffee Roaster Review Notes

The origin of the beans is Brazil. The Cerrado region: This is a high, semi-arid plateau surrounding the city of Patrocinio, between São Paulo and Brasilia. This area is located in Brazil’s central high plains region.
Now that we have that cleared up, let me get back to what I think about this coffee. After all, it’s my Fonte’ Coffee Roaster review. The tasting notes from Fonte’ say, low acidity, spiciness, tobacco aromas, chocolate and a hint of smokiness. It was the smokiness and chocolate that that intrigued me to try this coffee. I was not disappointed.


For me, the smokiness was the exciting taste that made me want more. First I tasted it black and not being a black coffee drinker so much, I loved my Cerrado. I kept sipping it, letting my mind drift to so many places where I could see myself enjoying a great cup of coffee. 

One place that I know, where I can always enjoy my Cerrado from Fonte’ is right here at home. It is such a smooth tasting coffee, one that easily can become your favorite. 

To sum up my Fonte’ Coffee Roaster review, let me say, you will be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable coffee. It’s great in the mornings and mid afternoons, my two favorite times to drink coffee.

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Fonte' Coffee Roaster Cerrado

Cerrado coffee from Fonte’ Coffee Roaster offers low acidity, lush spiciness, tobacco aromas, bittersweet chocolate notes, and a hint of smokiness.

Origin: Brazil

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