My First Slow Coffee Brewing Is a Huge Success!

slow-coffee-brewingI have never considered slow coffee brewing untill recently. I never thought it would make much difference in the taste and it took way too long. After all, my Keurig has been good to me for a number of years, making a good cup of coffee each morning.

Well, things just may be changing and my Keurig coffee maker is starting to get worried that it may wind up in a dark closet never to brew again. Will slow coffee brewing take over my coffee brewing forever?

Slow Coffee Brewing

I finally decided to give it a try. First let me say that I currently don’t have any fancy slow coffee brewing equipment. I rummaged around in the kitchen and came up with an idea that I thought just might work.

I was just a few slow moments away from drinking my first cup of slow brewed coffee. The question in the back of my mind was, will I taste the difference and will I like it black? You see, I’m not a huge black coffee drinker as I have mentioned before.

The Process

I got the large wire strainer out of the drawer and my wide mouth coffee cup.

Next, I placed two coffee filters in the bottom of the strainer, then placing the it on top of my cup so that once I poured the water in it would drain into the cup.

I then turned to my old friend, the Keurig. I simply ran it through a small cup cycle to get a cup of hot water. I am happy to say, my Keurig still considers me his friend.

The next thing I did was to grind some fresh beans then placed the ground coffee in the filter.

Slowly I poured the water in on top of the ground coffee. As the water saturated the coffee grounds it began to seep into the cup. As it slowed, I gently stirred the mixture. Now I know why they call it muddy coffee.

Finally, all the coffee was in the cup.

The Taste

Boy did it look strong. I was thinking to myself, why in the world did I wait till near 10:00PM to try this? I knew if I drank a whole cup of this coffee I would be awake into next week.

So did my make shift slow coffee brewing method produce a drinkable coffee? Or was it going to be just a muddy mess? How was it going to taste? I decided to give it a try and I didn’t care what time of night it was.

Now I know exactly why Hipsters and coffee connoisseurs are so much into their coffee. I just made a truly great cup of coffee. The taste was all coffee.

I drank it black and enjoyed it a whole bunch. (Well, I only drank just less than half. I really didn’t want to be bouncing around all night.)


If you want good coffee, remain friends with your Keurig. That’s what it does, makes good coffee.

If you want real coffee, you have to start using a slow coffee brewing method. It will change the way you drink and think about this delicious beverage we all call, coffee.

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