Family of Four Bronze Statue – Family Should be for All Time

Bronze Statue Family of Four

Modern Family of Four Cast Iron StatueI found this really cool bronze statue family of four and I thought it was perfect to share with you. Family is so important and this statue really sums up what is truly important. Family.

With all the turmoil, in our nation we often forget what really matters. That's why I feel this family of four bronze statue makes a huge statement. It reminds me of how a family should love each other and we as individuals should care about others as well.

It's too easy to care about people and especially family. I guess that's one reason I like this statue. It depicts the love a father and a mother have for their children.

Hand-Cast in Iron - For All Time

This particular statue was designed and created by artist Alison Holow exclusively for Design Toscano. Using the time honored sand-cast method with a skillful display of technique, the gracefully formed metal sculpture freezes a family circle of four in a comforting embrace for all time. 

For all time. How simple is that statement? Yet rarely is the word, "forever" or "for all time" used when expressing anything these days. Family should be for all time. And that's why this family of four bronze statue hit me as the perfect piece to adorn any family home. 

Make a strong stand-alone decorative statement anywhere in your home about the love you have for your family.

If you want to order one for your home, you can get it at Design Toscano for only $34.95 which is a savings of $35. 

Family of Four Bronze Statue


  • From Design Toscano's VitaV Home Design Collection
  • Over 11 inches tall
  • Hand cast in iron
  • Reduced price
  • $34.95
check it out
At Design Toscano

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