Fall Coffee Enjoy the Season With Sweet, Luscious Falling for Fall

When you think of autumn you have to include fall coffee as part of the season. There are so many flavors one can associate with fall coffee. From nuts, cinnamon, spices and pumpkin, finding a good coffee that stands out among others is easy when you know which small batch roasters to trust for the right blends.

One of the first coffees I reviewed was from a roaster out of Las Vegas, Aroma Coffee Roasters. This season I once again have the privilege of reviewing their Falling for Fall blend. If you enjoy a good cup of fall coffee, I suggest you try this one.

Falling for Fall Coffee

Before I get to the review, I love the packaging that Aroma uses to ship their coffee. It’s always packed in a nice bed of brown shredded paper with their signature light green tissue paper. Okay, so it doesn’t add to the flavor but I love the fact that they take pride in the way their coffee is presented. A class act.

Their Falling for Fall is a blend of two single origin beans, one being Kenya and the other is Costa Rica. Both of these regions are well known for some outstanding coffee. The guys and gals at Aroma Coffee Roasters know this and have perfected a very special fall coffee blend.

The Aroma
When you open your bag of Falling for Fall coffee, stick your nose in the bag, close your eyes and think of a perfect fall day. One where you are walking down a wooded path where the colors of autumn are engulfing your senses. You can smell that distinctive aroma of nuts, spices and sweetness coming from the bag.

Grinding & Brewing
Grinding your coffee beans releases even more of that crisp fall aroma. I am a little bit biased to the flavors of fall since it is my favorite season of the year. For my reviews, I always grind my beans to a fine grind and use a drip method of brewing. I want to get the most from the beans and this method works well.

While a slow-pour method extracts more of the flavors, I find that most coffee drinkers don’t use this method when brewing their coffee at home. That’s why I try to use brewing methods that the normal everyday coffee drinker might use.

The Taste
When it comes right down to it, the taste of the coffee is the heart of any review. All the other elements play a part, but the taste is what most coffee drinkers are looking for. And for taste, this fall coffee is truly a great coffee to drink on a cool crisp autumn day. Or any day for that matter.

Falling for Fall is just beyond a medium roast though not quite a full dark roast. The two regions of beans have come together in this delightful blend to offer you a taste sensation.

When I first sipped it black, I tasted a sweetness that I related to light brown sugar laced with cinnamon. It also had a definite nuttiness to it as well. The taste is very distinctive of the two regions that produced the beans.

As I closed my eyes while tasting my new blend from Aroma Coffee Roasters, I could imagine myself sitting around an early morning campfire enjoying a very nice cup of coffee. This is a coffee that I’m very certain you will enjoy too.

It’s well balanced, no bitterness at all. Falling for Fall coffee is very delightful cup of coffee. I like the way the taste lingers which simply entices you to take another sip.

As I closed my eyes while tasting Falling for Fall, it reminded me of the perfect autumn day. @AromaCR #fallcoffee #TMCC Click To Tweet

As you know, my coffee reviews are not about the technical aspects of coffee. They are about how I like the coffee and how it makes me feel. Falling for Fall coffee is nothing less that a very well blended coffee with a balanced taste that will fill your senses with what a perfect autumn cup of coffee should be. Did I enjoy this coffee? Yes. Will you enjoy it too? Absolutely

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