Espresso Blend Coffee | Atomic Leg Kick by Aroma Coffee Roasters

Espresso Blend Coffee is portrayed as a coffee company’s flagship product, a consistent-tasting part of an espresso and milk cocktail, or an expression of cutting-edge quality or skill. Typically the beans are roasted to a darker roast with the espresso blend coffee in mind. That being said, this Atomic Leg Kick makes a really nice cup of espresso as well as a good cup with creamer.

Espresso Blend Coffee by Aroma Coffee Roasters

Atomic Leg Kick is an espresso blend of coffee beans from Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia. They put this blend together looking for brightness as well as maximum sweetness and aromatics. The goal was achieved.

For an espresso blend, this coffee actually does have a sweetness to it making it very easy to drink. For me, it has a bit of a rich dark caramel with hints of rich fruits. This makes it a great morning coffee with toast and jam. Or just a cup with a touch of Italian creamer is okay too.

The Aroma of the Beans

Long before you ever brew your first cup, the aroma is what you will notice. It is like a bag of potpourri of dried fruits, cinnamon and brown sugar. You could simply set a bowl of beans out if you enjoy potpourri. But then you would miss the great taste of this espresso blend coffee. I suggest you go for the taste and drink it.

This is a blend for people who prefer brightness and sweetness over more traditional Continental espresso blends that have heavier roast levels and more bittering roast taste.

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Before you grab a bag or two of these excellent espresso coffee beans from Aroma Coffee Roasters, I want to be sure you get your exclusive discount.

When you do order your coffee, tell them on Twitter, @AromaCR that you first heard about it here at The Morning Coffee Cup. To see more of their excellent coffee check out their website.

One last note. Once you finish your first cup of this fine espresso blend coffee, you are going to want another cup.

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