Esmeralda Geisha Coffee Review from Panama Gold

esmeralda-geisha-coffee-reviewYes, I was excited to see that my Esmeralda Geisha coffee had arrived. And what made it even better is the fact that the bag says it is the number one Geisha Coffee in the world. Something told me I was going to really enjoy this coffee.

I had been reading about this coffee for a while. With a 92 rating along with numerous awards in both the SCAA and SCAP organizations, I figured there has to be something to this coffee that makes it stand out.

If you are like me, that is all good and well, but what I really wanted to know is how does it taste. Is this coffee as good as they say?

Esmeralda Geisha Coffee Review


As I mentioned, this coffee has won numerous awards for several years running. It is Rainforest Alliance Certified and has sold at auction for as much as $150 per pound. But does that mean it tastes better? Let’s find out.

The Bag & the Bean

The bag is the traditional gold that you know as Panama Gold Coffee Roasters. I like the word “special” as it indicates what should be a really good coffee.

When I opened the bag, the aroma of the Esmeralda Geisha Coffee was undeniably inviting. The beans, they had a rich glossy color indicating the freshness which made me anxious to grind and brew.

This particular Geisha is always a treat because of its complex profile of florals, fruits and sweetness. It is always eagerly anticipated every year.

Brewing Method

As I always do when I get a new bag of coffee to review, I use a pour-over method of brewing. It really does bring out the very best flavors of the beans. And with my Esmeralda Geisha Coffee, I didn’t want to miss out on any of the flavors.

Are you ready? How does it taste?

Now that we got all that out of the way, how does this highly rated coffee taste? Will it measure up to the hype? That’s what you want to know so let’s find out.

The question is not does this coffee taste great, but the harder question is, which cup do I drink it from? The Esmeralda Geisha Coffee is as good as indicated regardless of which cup you drink it from. Totally pleased.

As I took my first sip, the very first thing I noticed was a sweetness with absolutely no bitterness. Not even a bitter aftertaste that some coffee leaves on your palate.

I got a hint of cherry as I took another sip but there was another taste that I had to think about. It was something I had tasted and smelled before. Then I realized it had a fragrance of hops that is used in brewing beer and this gave it an even more complex flavor.

So how does this coffee taste. In a word, great! I was delighted at how smooth it tasted and the fact that it is not bitter makes it even better in my book.

Oh, so are you wondering which cup I used to taste my Esmeralda? I used my “Life’s Too Short Not To Live It As A Texan” cup.


Esmeralda Geisha Coffee is as good, if not better than it’s awards and 92 point rating. The guys at Panama Coffee Roasters have done a superb job of roasting these precious beans. Give them a shout out on Twitter @Panamacoffeegold and tell them you heard about their Esmeralda Geisha Coffee first, here at The Morning Coffee Cup.

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