Esmeralda Coffee Has Arrived and Is Looking Good

esmeralda-coffeeThis evening when I came home, I was greeted by an unmistakable aroma. Coffee. There it was by the door. Esmeralda has arrived!

I have been waiting on this one with an excitement and anticipation of having the privilege of tasting another great coffee.

The rating on the bag of beans is 92 and in my book, that is an indication of just how good this coffee is going be. I can’t wait to taste it. I know it is going to be delicious.

Esmeralda Coffee Has Arrived

I want to thank my friends at Panama Gold Coffee Roasters for sending me this coffee for review. They know how to roast beans.

Just reading about Esmeralda is enchanting. I won’t spill the beans (pun intended) but the first thing I notice on the bag is exciting. “The No. 1 Geisha Coffee In The World” is all I’ll say.

I will tell you that the Esmeralda farm in Panama has consistently produced one of the most sought-after blends in recent years. It has won awards 11 years in a row. This has got to be one fine coffee.

Yes, my Esmeralda Geisha coffee has arrived and I am so anxious to taste it. When I do, I will post my review giving you the full scoop. Until then, hang in there. I’ve got a good feeling about my Esmeralda coffee.

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