Eggnog Flavored Coffee Season Is Here!

eggnog-flavored-coffeeIf there is one drink I like as much as coffee, I would have to say it is eggnog. No need to spice it up or add anything, just good ole eggnog right out of the bottle. I’m actually drinking a glass of it now. But when you combine the two for a great eggnog flavored coffee, well, now you’re really talkin’ a good coffee.

Eggnog flavored coffee just makes the season that much happier. I found some New York Coffee brand but I haven’t ordered any yet. It sounds really good. If you have tried this one, I would love to hear how you liked it.

The New York Coffee brand seems to be rather popular among those who have tried it. Dark and earthy while low on the acidic side are just a few comments.

Yummy Eggnog Flavored Coffee

Anyway, back to eggnog flavored coffee. It sounds like it could be a bit sweet, but then again, I like my coffee with an Italian Sweet Creamer. Ever since I was a kid I have put either creamer or milk and yes, sugar in my coffee. That’s the way my mother would fix it to let me try it and now that’s still the way I drink it.

For some reason, having the beans flavored just sounds better than adding the flavored syrups. I think it makes the coffee taste richer.

Now that eggnog flavored coffee season is here, I guess I’ll have to order some. The New York Coffee brand is just one I happen to see and it sounds really good. Again, if you have had this one before, let me know in the comment box. If you haven’t order some and then let me know.

I really think this one will be a winner this season.

To all the casual coffee drinkers reading my blog, let me know what kinds of coffee you like best. Don’t forget, use #TMCC on all your social networks.

Enjoy your coffee.

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