Easy Healthy Dessert Recipes that Help You Lose Weight

healthy-desserts-cookbookDo you want to lose weight without giving up your delicious desserts? Who doesn’t? After all, coffee and desserts just naturally go together. I know when I have tried to lose a few pounds, after a short period, I just gain the weight right back. Let me tell you, I love my desserts but I don’t cherish the idea of gaining weight.

That’s why I went looking for some easy healthy dessert recipes that would taste good yet at the same time help me lose weight.

I thought there just has to be someone who has a cookbook full of easy healthy dessert recipes that I would enjoy. I didn’t want all the sugar though I did want the flavor.

After a bit of searching I finally found one that fits right into my type of food. Delicious, healthy and easy to fix.

Easy Healthy Dessert Recipes

It’s called The Dessert Angel Heavenly Recipes Guide. It is a healthy desserts cookbook that has 78 full fledge desserts that taste just like they are loaded with all the good stuff.

If you love your desserts with coffee, and want to lose a few pounds, this is one cookbook you should have in your kitchen.

The only thing you have to lose is a few pounds.


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