Do You Drink Coffee For Health – Give Me A Break

drink coffee for healthLet me ask you one question. Do you drink coffee for health? I didn’t think so. I have never known anyone tell me, “hey since coffee is good for you I drink it for health.”

Nor have I ever been invited over to a friend’s home to drink coffee for health. So why is there so much discussion or rather concern, whether coffee is good or bad for your health?

Drink Coffee For Health

Are there studies that say drinking coffee is good for your health? Yes. There are also those that say it is bad for your health too. This being said, I’ll say that you and about a gazillion more coffee drinkers drink coffee because they enjoy it and not for health. That’s just not the case. Because you like coffee you drink it without thinking about health issues.

Please don’t mis-understand, I’m all for healthy, but seldom will you ever find so many people enjoying something like coffee, on a global basis, doing so for their health. If that many people are drinking coffee, it has to be good.

We Drink Coffee Because We Like It

The real reason we drink coffee is because we enjoy a good cup of our favorite beverage. We simply do not drink coffee for health. We drink it because we like it.
inspiration in a cup of coffee

What about soft drinks? I have never heard people say they are good for you which means they must not be healthy. But does that stop us from consuming gallons upon gallons of the carbonated beverage? Nope. We drink them because we like them. Maybe not as much as coffee but you get the point.

A New Method of Brewing

I’ve been seeing a lot of a new method of brewing coffee that is making it’s way around the coffee circles. Using a good Greek coffee, the method is boiling the coffee and, well…you guessed it, this is a method of brewing and drinking coffee for health.

There seems to be simply way too many people with health concerns over coffee these days. You may be one yourself and that is okay by me. But ask yourself one question, do you drink coffee for health or because you simply like it?

If you can answer this, then the debate is over.

Post your reason for drinking coffee below.

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