Downton Abbey Season 3 The Premier

Hey everybody, get ready to enjoy your favorite latte as the Premier of Downton Abbey is tonight! (01/06/2013)

I watched the special they had which previewed the past two seasons and had a few clips for season 3.

So get ready to enjoy Downton Abbey Season 3 Premier. Fill your Downton mug
with a rich latte and enjoy the show.

Create Your Own Downton Abbey Coffee Mug

Who Is Your Favorite Character?

As you are drinking your favorite latte, tell us who your favorite character from Downton Abbey is.

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One thought on “Downton Abbey Season 3 The Premier

  1. I read on another post about Downton Abbey that you compare it to a good latte. After tonight’s premier of season 3, I think you should re-categorize it under extra bold.

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