Does Black Coffee Have Calories

coffee newsI’ve never thought about it much, but does black coffee have calories? I’m not real sure why people would want to know and especially coffee drinkers.

When you ask the question, does black coffee have calories, what is your real concern? Do you really want to know for health reasons or are you simply curious?

The Question: Does Black Coffee Have Calories

That’s the question. If you wonder because you love coffee but you struggle with health or weight issues, then I can see why you would want to know.

On the other hand, if you love drinking coffee and are not at risk with your health, then the question becomes irrelevant. A more relevant question would be, how many calories in coffee creamer. I think we know the answer to that, lots.

The Answer

does black coffee have caloriesI think that for all coffee drinkers who drink coffee because they love a good cup of a great beverage, it doesn’t matter. So brew up a good cup of black coffee and drink up.

That’s my answer to the question. However, you may still want to know the factual answer. So does black coffee have calories?

Let’s find out.

A quick search on Google will get you the answer. It looks like that technically coffee does have calories, but for all practical purposes, black coffee does not have calories.

The amount of calories in black coffee is so insignificant that it leads me right back to my original answer. Does it matter?

As you can see from the chart below, and to answer your question, does black coffee have calories, the answer is no. This should be great news to all coffee drinkers. Drink all you want without gaining weight. Unless of course you add lots of sugar and flavored creamer.

But then we are back to my original answer, does it matter? You know that because you love coffee, even if it were jam packed with calories, you would still drink it.

And because it makes you happy, (and makes me happy too) don’t worry about the calories in black coffee or any other coffees. Just enjoy a good cup of your favorite beverage.

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts? Does it matter to you if black coffee has calories or not?

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