Digital Coffee + Social Media = A Fun Time

Coffee is America’s favorite beverage and is by far the most social drink on the planet.

If in doubt, look at all the coffee houses in your area or in your travels. There is of course the Starbucks on every corner, well, maybe not every corner but they are the biggie.

Digital Coffee

Then there are countless numbers of locals as well where everybody goes to drink their favorite cup of coffee with friends.

Coffee is a social drink and Digital Coffee is social media platform here at The Morning Coffee Cup. We are also on Facebook where you can join in the conversations as well.

Drinking Coffee Early On

I can remember back to when I was just a young boy my mother and aunt getting together with friends and drinking coffee. I guess their kitchen table was the equivalent to the social media platform of their time. Some early memories of coffee were started in the kitchen.

Today coffee is a huge industry but I really don’t think most people care about that point. They just love their coffee, and I do too.

The point is, people everywhere are drinking coffee and connecting with social medial. That’s why I want to invite you to join in the Digital Coffee forum.

If you have not gone mad yet from all this online stuff, then maybe you won’t. So enjoy your coffee.

What are your thoughts on coffee and social media? You can post them below.

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