Digital Coffee Shop A Place for Coffee and Conversation

digital-coffee-shopWhen I first started The Morning Coffee Cup, I had a different vision from where it is today. My original intent or vision, was to have a digital coffee shop replicating that of a brick and mortar shop. I wanted it to be a place where you could gather to read and discuss topics other than just coffee.

As it progressed, I started learning and enjoying coffee more so I gravitated to more about coffee. Not to be alarmed, if you are still looking for coffee reviews, I will continue with them.

Digital Coffee Shop Topics

Think of it this way. When you visit your local coffee shop, you order your favorite type of coffee and if you are with friends, you sit and enjoy not only the coffee, but conversations.

In today’s coffee shop environment you can hear conversations and discussions on business, politics, travel, school studies, family, fishing; just about any topic you can imagine.

Now I don’t intend to cover every topic ever heard while sitting in a Starbucks, but I will cover those that I feel are of interest to you as well as those I enjoy. As of this post I have not determined the exact topics that you will find here at The Morning Coffee Cup.

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Going Forward

From this point on, or at least until I decide to change directions, you will start seeing a trend moving more toward that of a regular coffee shop. Though it will be what I call a digital coffee shop, you will be able to see the parallels.

If you have ideas or topics you would like to see here, add a comment below to let me know what it is you would like.

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To the future, with a good cup of coffee.

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