Different Methods of Brewing Coffee | Try These Top 6 Methods

different methods of brewing coffee
cool coffee namesDifferent methods of brewing coffee has always been a debate as to which is the best method. Some like drip brewing, while others just want a single cup brewer with a K-Cup or pod. Then there is the French Press method and my favorite, slow pour over coffee brewing. So how many ways can you brew coffee?

Different Methods of Brewing Coffee

It’s not so much about how many different methods of brewing coffee there are, but rather which method you prefer. The only way you will know is to try the various methods then stick to the one you like best.

As I mentioned I prefer the slow pour over method. Once you learn how to make a pour over cup of coffee, I’m certain that you will enjoy it as much as I do. It really does make a great cup.

Let me try to answer your question about the different methods brewing coffee. After all, that’s why you are here. My list is not necessarily every method, but is is the most popular methods of brewing with a couple you may not have considered.

The List of Methods

    1. Slow Pour Over – I’ll start with what many consider the very best among the different methods of brewing coffee. I have to agree. To me it is by far the best method to brew coffee. In a nutshell, you place a filter in a brewer such as a Chemex, add your ground coffee then pour just enough coffee to completely wet the grounds. This gives the coffee time to bloom. This simply means the grounds are expanding which releases their full flavor of the bean. Once the bloom has completed, about 30 seconds or so, you slowly pour the rest of your hot water over the coffee grounds and let it seep into the reservoir of your Chemex. Once completed, you will have an excellent cup of coffee.

    how to make a pour over cup of coffee

    Chemex Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

    the morning coffee cup
    Those who love coffee, love Chemex. From its timeless design to its patented brewing process, Chemex ensures the best coffee experience you can imagine, each and every time.

    2. Single Serve – This is where you use a coffee maker such as a Keurig and a K-Cup. It makes one cup of coffee at a time. Water is forced into the K-Cup without giving the coffee time to bloom. It makes an ok cup of coffee and I used this method for years. If you are one who likes to grab a cup of coffee in the mornings and head out to work, this one may be right for you.

    3. French Press Brewing – Using a French Press to brew coffee is a very popular method. It makes a really good cup of coffee. You basically press the water through the ground coffee into the reservoir extracting more of the flavors than other methods.

    Bodum French Press Coffee Maker

    different methods of brewing coffee
    Pressed coffee extracts the perfect amount of essentials oils and acids from the bean for the maximum amount of flavor from your coffee. It’s the preferred method for brewing for coffee enthusiasts everywhere. The French press method prevents scorching of the beans. Because there’s no filter, all of the flavor stays in your cup.

    4. Drip Style Brewing – This is similar to slow pour with a couple exceptions. The coffee maker heats the water then forces it over the coffee in the filter. Once again, there is no “bloom” time which is a crucial part of extracting the full flavors.

    5. Campfire Coffee Brewing – Some call this method of brewing coffee, “Cowboy Coffee” which makes a lot of sense. Long before modern coffee makers, all the cowboys had was a coffee pot. They would boil the water in their pot over a campfire. Then they would simply add the ground coffee directly into the boiling water. Once it was “brewed” they would pour a cup and drink. (Yes, coffee grounds and all would be in the cup, unless they filtered through a cloth.)

    6. Old Style Percolator Plug it in, heat the water and watch it percolate. This is the style of brewing coffee my mother and grandmother used when I was a kid. As the water started heating to a boil, it would force the water up a hollow stem into the coffee ground strainer. The water would then drip into the pot ready to drink.

There you have it.
These are what I consider the top 6 different methods of brewing coffee. You can brew your coffee using each of these methods right in your kitchen. Even the campfire method. Just let your stove top burner simulate a campfire.

One thing you should note, regardless of which method of coffee brewing prefer, if you want to drink a cup of coffee, you have to start with good beans. The different methods of brewing coffee is simply method in which you extract the flavors.

Enjoy your coffee.
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