Dessert Recipe Books for Your Kindle

There’s no doubt that coffee and desserts go together. Like a fine wine and great dinner, it’s hard to beat. These dessert recipe books have some of the very best desserts that you are sure to enjoy with your coffee.

Cookbook: 101 Healthy Vegan Desserts (Cakes, Cookies, Muffines & Ice cream Vegan Recipes) (Quick & Easy vegan recipes)
101 original, easy and delicious healthy vegan recipes from all over the world (Cakes, Muffins, Cookies and Ice creams).

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Paleo: Gourmet Delicious Paleo Dessert Recipes for the Paleo Diet (The Paleo Gourmet Book 2)
In no time you’ll be able to whip up delicious Paleo diet-friendly desserts, including Paleo cookies, cake, pudding and ice cream!!!

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Easy Cheesecake Recipes: Delicious and Impressive Cheesecake Recipes That Everyone Can Enjoy (The Easy Recipe)
When you’re craving something sweet, creamy, thick, and rich, what do you reach for? Cheesecake of course!

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For the lovers of coffee: Quick and easy delicious coffee beverages, cocktails and desserts recipes
Without any doubt, coffee has been an integral part of most of the people around the globe.

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Easy Coffee Cake Recipes – 20 Delicious Recipes
Coffee cakes are no nonsense and so easy to make. You can go from scratch to eating a slice in less than an hour. Enjoy these coffee cake recipes.

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