Dark Roast French Coffee a Smokey Morning Delight

The Morning Coffee Cup

Dark Roast French CoffeeAs you may know, I’m a fan of dark roast French coffee and this Starbucks French Roast is among my favorites.

I received as a gift, the Starbucks French Roast and today I had to give it a try. I measured out the ground coffee and brewed myself a cup in my Keurig. I was pleasantly surprised with the first sip.

Dark Roast French Coffee

Now I’ve had Starbucks coffee before but never this particular one. The aroma while brewing filled my senses with the thought that this really is a dark roast French coffee.

A Smokey Delight

The real surprise came with the first sip. The package says it has a smokey flavor and they hit it right on the nail head. I would say it has the flavor of oak to be more specific.

It reminds me of a hot campfire on a cold winter morning and all that is associated with it. A true smokey delight.

Brewing Ground Coffee in K-Cup

As I said, this ground coffee was a gift in a one-pound bag and I brewed it in my Keurig K-Cup coffee maker. You do have to have this little accessory to brew ground coffee in this type of coffee maker. And it doesn’t hurt to use paper K-Cup filters for easy clean up.

Cup Rating

So I have to say, here at The Morning Coffee Cup, I give this dark French roast coffee by Starbucks 4 Cups Up. If you want a coffee that is full of flavor, easy to drink and a coffee you will simply enjoy while reading your favorite coffee website or the local newspaper, then you need to try this one. I do recommend it.

If you do try this dark roast French coffee or if you have had it in the past, come back by and post your comments and let us know what you think.

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