Copper Horse Coffee Carriage House Blend Coffee Review

copper horse coffee carriage house blend coffee review
The days of the horse and carriage may be a thing of the past, but their existence lives on in the Copper Horse Coffee Carriage House Blend. Imagine pulling your horse and carriage up to the local cafe where all the refined folks gather for afternoon coffee. The ladies in their finest dresses while the gents strut with tails and top hats.

Copper Horse Coffee Carriage House Blend

I can imagine tasting a fine coffee back in the days. Rich, strong and sophisticated. Not much has changed with the Carriage House Blend from Copper Horse Coffee. Except for the horse and carriage tied to the rail in front.

This is a very smooth blend of coffee. It’s delicious, well balanced and one that I enjoyed tasting. I’m actually having a cup right now on a perfect sunny day.

There is also a bit of sweetness to the Copper Horse Coffee Carriage House Blend that will delight those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth. Not so sweet as to side track the depth of the blend, but with a cupping score of 85, it completely rounds out the flavors.

Do I like it? Yep. It’s a fine culinary blend first curated for the optimal brewing standards at the Carriage House Cafe.

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Carriage House Blend is one of those coffees. Simply brew you a cup, I suggest using a Chemex slow pour over method, sit back and let the thoughts of a relaxing time fill your mind.

This coffee is as easy as to enjoy as any coffee you will ever drink. One thing to note. You will want more so load up on this smooth tasting coffee today.

You can visit the guys at Copper Horse Coffee to order your Carriage House Blend. When you do, tell them you heard about them first from The Morning Coffee Cup.

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