Cool Coffee Names Are Fun, But the Coffee Is What Counts

cool coffee namesCool coffee names make me wonder just how good the coffee is really going to be. Like Atomic Leg Kick. Does coffee name indicate you will become a bionic coffee drinker? Or maybe you will be able to kick field goals while drinking coffee. Whatever the reason behind some of the cool coffee name, I have compiled some that I thought you might get a “kick” out of.

Cool Coffee Names

Let’s get this list started with a few of the coolest coffee names. Some will make you laugh while others just might leave you wondering if it is coffee or some secret rocket science formula.

    1. Atomic Leg Kick – This one is from Aroma Coffee Roasters. It is a dark roast coffee and I would have to say it does have a bit of kick to it. If you want to get started quickly in the mornings, this would be a good choice.

    2. Sweet Hearth – Summer Moon Roasters has a little play on words here with this one. Even so, their fire roasted beans makes for a really good cup of coffee.

    3. Tanzanian Peaberry – Something about this has a ring to it. Better than the name is the taste. Pinebrook Coffee Roasters did this one right. You can read my review on it here.

    4. Kick Ass – That just about sums it up. Kicking Horse Coffee Roasters roast their coffee in the Rocky Mountains and this dark roast easily makes my list of cool coffee names.

    5. Moon Bear – You might think this is a coffee from a bad western movie. Nope. It is a dark roast Vietnamese coffee. I’ve not tried this one but it is a dark roast you can pick up at Amazon.

These are five of my favorite cool coffee names. But have you ever heard of these unique coffee names?

Rise & Shine by: Pistol & Burnes
Midnight Blend by: Atlas Coffee Roasters
Jose Javier Guarnizo by: Mountain Air Roasters
Mad Monkey – Found this one on Amazon
Empire Blend – Where else but New York
Bullett Proof – Okay. Why not take a shot at this one.

I’m sure there are dozens and dozens of other coffees with cool names. But it is not the name that makes the coffee. You see, many coffee roasters will try to grab your attention with cool coffee names just to draw you in. Which is not a bad thing.

If you saw a coffee that just said, French Roast coffee, you may just keep on searching. But by adding a catchy name to their coffee, they can at least get you to stop and check it out.

Therefore, if you are looking for really good coffee based just on the name, you may or may not hit on a good one. You need to read more about the coffee, the origin, the blend and of course, coffee reviews.

This is not to say you will always pick a really good coffee, but you will greatly increase your chances for a cup that you will really enjoy.

If you are looking for cool coffee names, trying to find a new coffee to drink, be sure you thoroughly research your choices before you make your purchase. Cool names do not always translate to good coffee, but when they do, make a note so you will know where to find them when you need a new bag of beans.

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