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I've heard it many times, what the heck it a content strategy. Shoot, you may even be thinking that exact thing now. If you are thinking content strategy is just writing a blog post, well, not really. It is a whole lot more than that.

Content strategy can be a blog post, but it is actually a lot more. It includes SEO tech-y stuff, planning based on your business goals or personal goals, site structure and a lot more.

But don't worry. The more you stick around, the more you will learn. In fact, you might as well subscribe so you don't miss anything that will help you in your content strategy. 

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5 Steps to Developing the Best Content Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing Strategies The best content marketing strategies can be elusive without specific goals and planning for long term growth ...
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Creating Content, Drinking Coffee, Living Life

Creating Content, Drinking Coffee & Living Life 1 Creating Content, Coffee and the Transition I've been thinking a lot lately ...
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