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panama esmeralda coffee review

Panama Esmeralda Coffee K-Cup Review Plus Bonus Review

Panama Esmeralda Coffee is truly a fine coffee. If I had to sum it up in just one word, which is impossible, that word would be smooth. But let me tell you this, Panama Esmeralda coffee is so much more than smooth. It is a relaxing, well roasted, easy to drink, deliciously smooth coffee. But get this, it is now available in a convenient K-Cup packaging. Does this take away from the smooth taste? ...
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really awesome coffee

4 Tips to Find Really Awesome Coffee to Drink at Home?

There’s lots of really awesome coffee in this world. Trouble is, so many people who drink coffee don’t know where to look for the really good coffee. I would have to say that most of the typical grocery stores I have ever shopped in have coffee. But they just don’t carry the really awesome coffee. Pretty much all you see on their shelves are the popular commercial brands from the big coffee guys. But keep ...
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royalty free coffee images

Royalty Free Coffee Images You Can Use for Your Coffee Projects

Royalty free coffee images are a great choice for using on your blog or other coffee project. If you don’t have your own coffee images, this is the best way to go. There are several good sites that provide royalty free coffee images and there is one in particular that I use frequently ...
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make coffee creamer at home

How Do You Make Coffee Creamer at Home

Make Coffee Creamer at Home If you are a casual coffee drinker like me, you love your coffee with creamer. I always taste my coffee black and may even have a few sips before I add my creamer. Normally I stick to my Italian Sweet Cream but I have been reading about how you can make coffee creamer at home ...
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cool coffee names

Cool Coffee Names Are Fun, But the Coffee Is What Counts

Cool coffee names make me wonder just how good the coffee is really going to be. Like Atomic Leg Kick. Does coffee name indicate you will become a bionic coffee drinker? Or maybe you will be able to kick field goals while drinking coffee. Whatever the reason behind some of the cool coffee name, I have compiled some that I thought you might get a “kick” out of ...
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list of coffee drinks

List of Coffee Drinks You Should Make at Home to Enjoy

There are coffee drinks then there is the list of coffee drinks you should make at home. Making various coffee drinks is not difficult at all. In fact, with this list, you can start enjoying more than just black coffee or coffee with cream. How many do you think you will try? ...
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coffee research

Coffee Research Center at Texas A&M Working to Save Your Coffee

Coffee research is in full swing at Texas A&M where they are working to save your favorite beverage. That’s right, coffee as we know it could be in trouble. Now I’m not a Texas Aggie fan, Wreck ’em Tech (Texas Tech for those of you who don’t know) but I do have great respect for the agricultural work they do including their coffee research. Dr. Lombardini who runs the new coffee center says, “Everybody in ...
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espresso blend coffee

Espresso Blend Coffee | Atomic Leg Kick by Aroma Coffee Roasters

Espresso Blend Coffee is portrayed as a coffee company’s flagship product, a consistent-tasting part of an espresso and milk cocktail, or an expression of cutting-edge quality or skill. Typically the beans are roasted to a darker roast with the espresso blend coffee in mind. That being said, this Atomic Leg Kick makes a really nice cup of espresso as well as a good cup with creamer ...
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best french roast coffee

Best French Roast Coffee I Have Ever Tasted from Black Oak

One sentence could easily sum up this review, the best French roast coffee I have ever tasted. Sometimes it is a bit more difficult trying to describe a coffee that is as near perfect as it gets. I have tasted and reviewed my share of coffee from various small roasters and have yet to have what I would say is bad coffee. They all have been really good. But this French roast, I believe, is ...
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fall coffee

Fall Coffee Enjoy the Season With Sweet, Luscious Falling for Fall

When you think of autumn you have to include fall coffee as part of the season. There are so many flavors one can associate with fall coffee. From nuts, cinnamon, spices and pumpkin, finding a good coffee that stands out among others is easy when you know which small batch roasters to trust for the right blends. One of the first coffees I reviewed was from a roaster out of Las Vegas, Aroma Coffee Roasters ...
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black oak heartwood coffee review

Black Oak Heartwood Coffee Review – A Refreshing Autumn Blend

Black Oak Heartwood Coffee Review – Simply put, this coffee is as refreshing as a perfect autumn afternoon. A smooth medium roasted blend that reminds me of hints of fall with it’s nutty, yet slightly sweet taste. As I’m writing my review, I’m having another cup of this relaxing coffee on a perfect autumn afternoon. The sun is shining, a cool breeze is whispering through the drying leaves and I have a smile on my ...
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