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True Italian Roast Coffee

A True Italian Roast Coffee Whole Bean Espresso

Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag True Italian Roast If you want a true Italian roast coffee bean, then you need to jump on this one. This coffee features a blend of Italian roasted beans that are oily and dark black in color as an extra bold coffee should be. It is very heavy and rich in flavor, ideal for an Espresso or even as an Iced Coffee ...
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warm throw

Snuggle Up With Hot Coffee & A Warm Throw

When the weather gets cold outside it feels so good to grab a cup of hot coffee and a warm throw and snuggle in for the day. As winter starts blowing in and the temperatures drop, you don’t want to be cold. You want to keep warm and this is one sure fire way to do it ...
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coffee drinkers love coffee

Digital Coffee + Social Media = A Fun Time

Coffee is America’s favorite beverage and is by far the most social drink on the planet. If in doubt, look at all the coffee houses in your area or in your travels. There is of course the Starbucks on every corner, well, maybe not every corner but they are the biggie ...
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does black coffee have calories

You Know You Love Coffee When…

You know you love coffee, when you go to bed at night and all you are thinking is how good a morning coffee cup filled with that steamy beverage will taste. You just can’t wait to get to sleep so the night will pass by quickly and you can jump up and start on your first cup of coffee. But what will it be? Do you start with an easy breakfast blend or go straight ...
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start your day with coffee

Now That I Am Older Here’s What I’ve Discovered

Now that I am older, I will grab a cup of decaf in the evenings and just take a few minutes to find something to smile about. If you are like so many, you may find your days are filled to overflowing with things to do, unexciting tasks and interruptions that seem to waste your time. Do you wish you could just slow down and enjoy a little humor? Well this is for you ...
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social media expert

So You Are a Social Media Expert Too? Or Is It Life Coach?

As I was drinking a soothing cup of coffee, I started reading the bios of some of the social media experts on Twitter. I see this on Twitter all the time in the bio of so many people. It reads like this, “I’m a social media expert helping you to…” or I’m an expert relationship life coach helping you to get what you want… Really? Come on now ...
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roasting coffee beans

Three Levels of Roasting Coffee Beans Bringing Out The Flavor

There are three very distinct types of roasting coffee beans. The process of roasting coffee beans is what brings out the flavor of the coffee and develops the characteristics of the coffee giving it its unique flavor. Roasting coffee beans, is the process to bring the coffee to a perfect balance of acidity with just the right sweetness ...
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inspiration in a cup of coffee

Coffee Soaky Biscuit Don’t Let This One Pass You By

Coffee soaky biscuit is one of my favorite childhood memories of actually having coffee. If you’ve never tried it, don’t let this age-old coffee recipe pass you by. I can remember how excited I was to be able to try the “grown-up” concoction ...
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A Good Latte

A Good Latte Should Be As Dignified As Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is such a mesmerizing show like a cup of good coffee. Why not design your own Downton Abbey coffee mug to add extra flavor to the show. I sometimes compare a good latte to the Grand Dame of Downton Abbey. Quite a sophisticated blend of subtle complexity she is. As smooth and rich as she is, she still offers a warming goodness that fills your being while leaving you with a thirst for ...
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Conquering Fear

Whatever You Do Do It With All Your Might – Conquering Fear

Fear is real. Conquering fear is imperative. Pour yourself a cup of good strong coffee before you read this. Fear is one of the most powerful forces known to man. It prevents people from getting what they want, it prevents success, it is a psychological infection. However, conquering fear can be achieved with specific proven treatments. First, you need to understand that confidence is acquired, it is developed. No one at birth is born with ...
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Being a Grandparent

Being a Grandparent Is Beyond Anything You Can Imagine

Being a Grandparent is one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. It is such a joy to watch those young smiling faces, hearing their laughter and watching them come running to greet you with open arms. The love we share is incomparable to anything I have ever known. I feel that I am truly blessed ...
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