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coffee habits

Why Your Coffee Habits Don’t Mean a Thing Afterall

Coffee habits. All coffee drinkers have them. As a coffee drinker I have some and I'm sure you do too. But do our coffee habits really mean anything? All the ...
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best brewed coffee

The Best Brewed Coffee is a Matter of Taste

The Best Brewed Coffee…ever! This morning as I was drinking my coffee, I started thinking. Where can I get the best brewed coffee? So I started thinking about it a ...
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black coffee bitter

Is All Strong Black Coffee Bitter or Is It Just Acidic

Strong Black Coffee – Bitter or Acidic Is all strong black coffee bitter? If you are new to coffee and are trying to drink black coffee, you may think it ...
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coffee tee shirts

Coffee Tee Shirts That Coffee Drinkers Understand the Best

Coffee Tee Shirts are a Lifestyle Coffee tee shirts. You’ve seen them everywhere. You have most likely laughed at their sayings thinking how clever or how it is you. But ...
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true coffee drinker

Are You a True Coffee Drinker? The 4 Types of Coffee Drinkers

Are You a True Coffee Drinker? Coffee. That get me started drink that so many rely on each and every morning. But just how does coffee start your morning? Do ...
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handcrafted pottery coffee mug

Handcrafted Pottery Coffee Mug Earthy Terrain Moroccan Red

Handcrafted Pottery Coffee Mug Earthy Terrain  – Moroccan Red I love the earthy look of this mug. Not just the colors, but the look, the design, the textures, everything about it ...
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