Whatever You Do Do It With All Your Might – Conquering Fear

Fear is real. Conquering fear is imperative.

Pour yourself a cup of good strong coffee before you read this.

Fear is one of the most powerful forces known to man. It prevents people from getting what they want, it prevents success, it is a psychological infection. However, conquering fear can be achieved with specific proven treatments.

First, you need to understand that confidence is acquired, it is developed. No one at birth is born with confidence. The people you know who exude confidence, have conquered fear.

Types of Fear

There are many types of fear in business as well as your personal life. Let me give you some types of fear and the action required to conquer fear.

1. Type–Fear of losing an important customer. Action–Work twice as hard to insure better service. Correct any situation that may have caused the customer’s lack of confidence in you.

2. Type–Fear of failing. Action–Educate yourself on your given subject. Build confidence with knowledge.

3. Type–Fear of what others may think and say. Action–Make sure that what you are doing is right. Then do it. Do it with all your might. No one ever does anything worthy for which they are not criticized.

4. Fear of making an investment. Action–Analyze the facts. Then you must be decisive. Make a decision and stick to it. Trust your gut instinct.

Two Steps to Conquering Fear

If you want to cure the disease of fear and build your confidence, there are two things you must do in order to achieve your goal.

First, you must isolate your fear. Nail it down. Determine what your fear is, what you are afraid of.

Second. Take action. Whatever your fear, there is an action you can take to eliminate it. Make the decision.

An important point to remember is, if you hesitate, the fear will only enlarge; it will magnify and try to over take your confidence. To avoid this, act promptly and be decisive.

Remember, your brain is like a bank, a memory bank. You should deposit only positive and confident thoughts. There are enough unpleasant and discouraging situations in the world so why keep them in your bank?

Build your confidence and believe that whatever you choose to do, you will be successful. Start conquering fear today.

What fears have you conquered?

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