A Vivid Memory That Cold Coffee Is Not Even a Choice

cold coffee

I have a very vivid memory of the last time I saw my Granny drinking coffee. It was cold coffee.

Most people that I know like their coffee hot, some like iced coffee but cold coffee? I don’t know a single person that likes their coffee cold.

I’ve never been a fan of cold coffee and my Granny wasn’t either.

She Loved Her Coffee But Not Cold

My Granny lived to be 99 years of age and she loved her coffee. She liked it barefoot, no sugar, no creamer. One of my favorite memories is how she enjoyed coffee soaky biscuit. One thing she did not like was cold coffee.

A few days before she passed away, my uncle and I were visiting her and as we were talking, she asked for a cup of coffee.

My uncle grabbed the coffee pot and poured her a hot cup of coffee. However, before he decided to give it to her, he assumed it was too hot for her. After all, she was 99 and he wanted to cool it down.

So he took the cup of coffee and poured it over a cup with an ice cube in it, then poured it back into her coffee cup and handed it to her, helping her take a sip.

She Doesn’t Like Cold Coffee

Without opening her eyes, and void of expression, she said to my uncle in a matter-of-fact tone, “I don’t like cold coffee.”

He looked around at me and said “I guess she told me.” So he poured another cup of hot coffee and as she sipped it, she smiled.

That was the last day I saw her before she passed and that moment of her will forever be in my memory banks filed under happy.

I don’t like cold coffee either and now I know why.

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