Coffee Soaky Biscuit Don’t Let This One Pass You By

Coffee soaky biscuit is one of my favorite childhood memories of actually having coffee.

If you’ve never tried it, don’t let this age-old coffee recipe pass you by. I can remember how excited I was to be able to try the “grown-up” concoction.

The Memories

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As children, we were always told we should not drink coffee, as it would stunt our growth. Even those many years ago, I can still remember how the rich aroma of my mom’s coffee filled the house.

Let me say that the coffee makers back then then were not your single cup automatic types
we have today. That’s another story so let’s get back to coffee soaky biscuit.

My mom and my aunt along with my grandmother all loved a good coffee soaky biscuit. After they finally let me try it after begging and pleading, I too loved this new exciting dish.

Making Your Coffee Soaky Biscuit

Okay so here is how you make coffee soaky biscuit. It’s really simple.

Coffee Biscuit SoakyGet some really good coffee to brewing. I suggest a rich dark extra bold flavor of your choice. As it is brewing, your sense of smell will start talking to you, telling you of the rich flavors to come.

While your coffee is brewing, pop some good homemade biscuits in the oven. Okay, so nobody makes homemade biscuits any longer so use some that you pop out of a little tube.

As soon as the biscuits come out of the oven, grab a hot one and split it into. Put both halves in a bowl with the crust sides down. Then you add a spoonful of sugar on both halves. Some people may like a little butter but for me, I leave it off.

Then you take your coffee and slowly pour over the biscuit letting it soak up the coffee as you pour. You don’t want to drown your biscuit. Just as it becomes saturated, add just a tad more and then your coffee soaky biscuit is ready to eat.

It Was So Good

I can remember it being so good. After eating the biscuit, I would take the bowl, turn it up and drink the last remaining coffee.

What a recipe and name, coffee soaky biscuit. How good it was then and still is today. Go ahead make one for yourself or your kids, you’ll surely love it as I did.

Do you have any childhood memories of coffee? Share them with us below.

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17 thoughts on “Coffee Soaky Biscuit Don’t Let This One Pass You By

  1. That recipe is exactly how Max had me make them for him. We didn’t make those when I grew up in Indiana. To me that was a “Southern” thing.

    1. What great memories! I was around 7 or so when mom would make coffee, not in those fancy coffee maker like we have today but would boil water and than put coffee grounds into the hot water and let boil for a while, than she would have home made biscuits which she would crumble them up , put them into the cup with homemade butter, little sugar, and some real cream from the one cow that we had. it was so good! We didn’t have any of the fancy breakfast treat that we have today, it was either oatmeal, mush, sometimes cornflakes, homemade biscuits, butter, and homemade jelly. Mom cooked on wood stove, She was a tough lady, don’t think women could do that today

  2. I haven’t had one of those in years. I think I will go make me one right now. Or two coffee soaky biscuits.

  3. I just made a couple of soakys and they turned out pretty good. It was my first time to have them that I can remember. I sprinkled some sugar on them and then soaked them with a Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee. I can see why my Dad liked them; tasty goodness.

  4. Alice is telling this story about me. I started drinking coffee at about 3 years of age. Mom made soaky about 2 or 3 times a week. She would give it to me about everytime. At first it isn’t as good as later. This was about 1946, so we didn’t have cornflakes and the likes in the house. There was oatmeal. We didn’t have a lot to eat but we had plenty for breakfast. You all should try soaky a few times to get use to the taste. Try it, you will like it, as the saying goes. Anyway, don’t expect you children will like it.

  5. My aunt use to make this and it was so good. She called it Soak ‘n Bread and she would actually crumble the biscuit up in a bowl, add sugar and pour coffee over that and eat it almost like cereal. I haven’t had it in 20-25 years and I think it’s time.

  6. When I was a small child, we would do our soakies one of two ways. Either make 3/4 a cup of hot coffee with cream and sugar, then crumble up the biscuit into it to fill it to the top. Or, put the biscuit in the empty cup, sprinkle on sugar and pour in a little cream before adding the hot coffee. Either way, it’s quite a treat. I just made one for myself at Cracker Barrel the other day. My son didn’t remember my mom eating these, but he remembered her eating cornbread in milk.

  7. Another thing my grandma did was to pour her hot coffee from the cup into the saucer and blow on it to cool a bit before drinking directly from the saucer. People don’t even use saucers anymore.

    1. SweetFern,

      I had completely forgotten about drinking coffee out of a saucer. I too remember my grandmother and mother doing this. Thanks for sharing.

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