The Page You Were Searching For Was Vaporized

But wait! All is not lost. You can enjoy a few coffee snippets while you are here.

Quick Fun Coffee Snippets

This is just an easy fun page of The Morning Coffee Cup. I call it Coffee Snippets. Relax with a good cup of coffee and enjoy.

  • Some call drinking coffee a bad habit. I call it an enjoyable addiction.
  • You know you are addicted to coffee when you go to bed at night thinking about tomorrow morning’s cup of coffee.
  • Who can remember all the crazy lingo of how to order at Starbucks anyway? Make mine a Venti. What’s a Venti. All I want is a cup of coffee.
  • Yes, there is a thing called coffee soaky biscuit.
  • Is there really a magic number of cups of coffee per day one can drink before having one too many?
  • Crashing your car for coffee? Seems this guy crashed his car into a 7-Eleven and poured himself a cup of coffee.

    Chinese confirm coffee is better than tea. Hey, if you are already an avid coffee drinker, the fact that the Chinese find coffee is better than tea, probably doesn’t matter that much. Why? because we already know that coffee is better than tea and that’s why we drink so much.

  • My Granny loved coffee. She drank it everyday and lived to be 99. She didn’t need any study to understand that drinking coffee helps you live longer. Duh.
  • And by-the-way, if you want to order some good coffee, you can always find what you want at our coffee shop.

    Do you have any Coffee Snippets that you would like to share? If you do just post it below.

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