4 Coffee Roasters You Should Get to Know

coffee-roastersI have had the privilege of being able to review some really great coffee over the past few weeks. From Canada to Oregon to Texas, the coffee roasters that sent me their samples are the best. I just wanted to thank all of you for being so gracious as to let me review your roasted coffee and to enjoy the fruits of your labor of love. There has not been any that I would not recommend.

If you are looking for some really good coffee from small batch coffee roasters that care about their craft, then you should try each of their coffees. Fresh roasted coffee beans are so much better than what you may buy in your local grocery store and these guys rock! 

Coffee Roasters You Should Get to Know

Here are the guys and gals that sent in their coffee for review. I would appreciate it if you let them know you heard about them first, right here at The Morning Coffee Cup. let them start you on a new coffee drinking experience.

  1. Panama Coffee Gold Reserve – These guys are out of Canada and sent me one of the highest rated coffees I have ever tasted. Auromar Panama Geisha Coffee was rated at a whopping 97. Yes, it was really good coffee. @Panamacoffeegold
  2. Voyage Coffee Roasters – I’m a bit partial to Sumatra coffee and the sample they sent in for review was superb. You have to get some of these beans and brew up a fine cup of coffee. @VoyageCoffee
  3. Summermoon Coffee Roasters – Wood-fired coffee. This was my first experience in tasting wood-fired coffee and let me tell you, the guys at Summermoon know wood-fired roasting. @SipSummermoon
  4. Aroma Coffee Roasters – The folks at Aroma Coffee Roasters are a new roasting company. But let me tell you. There is no way you would know just by tasting their coffee. The Colombian they sent was a really good full bodied coffee. And the aroma, well the name says it all. @AromaCR

Thanks to each of you for sending me some really great coffee to review. I look forward to a continuing relationship and sharing your coffee with the world.


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