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One of the features of The Morning Coffee Cup is coffee reviews. When I review coffee, I do it from more of a causal nature and not so much technical. I believe coffee is to be enjoyed and not analyzed to shreds.

Since the vast majority of coffee drinkers just want a good cup of coffee, I provide my thoughts and reviews based on that premise. If I like the coffee, I write about it. If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you that too.

First of all, whether I purchase the coffee or receive it as a sample for review, I do not get paid for any of my reviews. They are simply my opinion, posted to hopefully help you in choosing a good coffee that you will enjoy.

If you want to submit your coffee for review, I welcome the opportunity to taste it and provide my thoughts. I post all reviews on my site for public review unless other agreements are made.

To submit your coffee for review, fill in the form and I will contact you with details.

Thanks for your consideration in allowing me to review your coffee.


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