Coffee Research Center at Texas A&M Working to Save Your Coffee

Coffee research is in full swing at Texas A&M where they are working to save your favorite beverage. That’s right, coffee as we know it could be in trouble. Now I’m not a Texas Aggie fan, Wreck ’em Tech (Texas Tech for those of you who don’t know) but I do have great respect for the agricultural work they do including their coffee research.

Dr. Lombardini who runs the new coffee center says, “Everybody in the coffee industry knows there are serious threats to coffee production.”

Coffee Research at Texas A&M – Save the Beans

Dr. Leo Lombardini says, “We take it for granted. We think it’s like buying sugar or flour. It’s always going to be there.” But according to their coffee research, rising temperatures are a problem for coffee farmers.

The Arabica beans, which are the higher quality beans are best when grown in temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees. If the temperatures continue to climb, farmers will have turn more to the Robusta variety of coffee beans. This is a more acidic bean therefore the flavor will suffer.

The entire coffee research footprint at Texas A&M is growing. In fact, they have launched their very first coffee class.

Save the coffee!
How will all of this play out? Nobody really knows but for all the coffee drinkers everywhere, let’s hope A&M can save the coffee. I couldn’t imagine not having coffee in the mornings. Or afternoons. So my hat is off to the coffee research they are doing at Texas A&M.

This is just another reason every time you take a sip of a fine cup of coffee, savor every moment. Let your coffee take you to a place where your most inner thoughts make sense of it all. A place where your coffee is your best friend. One cup at a time.

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