Coffee Is Better Than Tea? Chinese Farmers Think So

The debate has been settled, coffee is better than tea. Good news for coffee lovers, tea drinkers…maybe not so good news.

I have always enjoyed a glass of sweat tea but coffee has quickly become my favorite beverage. It just makes you feel good and want a second cup.

So what makes the Chinese the authority on coffee anyway?

The Chinese have confirmed that coffee is better than tea.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Chinese farmers are switching from tea to coffee which is the more lucrative product.

This will also give their younger generation a new chance to enjoy the popular drink. With this change, “Yunnan has the potential to thrive as a production base in a country that is becoming increasingly hooked on the caffeine-loaded beverage” according to the Times.

Does It Matter to You?

If you are already an avid coffee drinker, the fact that the Chinese find coffee is better than tea, probably doesn’t matter that much. Why? because we already know that coffee is better than tea and that’s why we drink so much.

I suppose from an economic stand point it may matter to some but I don’t drink coffee based on an economic valuing system. I drink it because I like it and I like the extra bold coffee above all others.

So now if you start seeing more coffee from China you will know why. In the meantime, if you like tea, keep drinking it but if you want a better beverage, have a cup of coffee today.

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