Coffee Geek – How to Tell if You Are a Nerdy Coffee Geek

nerdy coffee geek
You may be a nerdy coffee geek if… Surely you have never been called a coffee geek. Or have you? Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you enjoy coffee and all that it is, rock on.

There are some very obvious signs that you may be a coffee geek and some that you may not recognize. Me? Though I enjoy drinking coffee, I don’t have all the symptoms of those who are. (I don’t have a beard) Here is my assessment.

You May Be a Nerdy Coffee Geek If…

If you are a coffee geek, you know it and you are proud of the title. It means you know your craft, your joy, your coffee. It means you enjoy everything about coffee and take pride in the fact that you do.

You and all your coffee drinking friends understand what it is like to really enjoy a good cup of coffee. But for those who don’t quite understand what it is all about, the following points should help. How many of these fit you?

Your Vocabulary You can hardly utter a sentence that doesn’t relate to coffee. You frequently use words such as roast, blend, flavor, slow-pour, small batch and others that have specific meanings in the coffee world.

Do you have a beard? Not that facial hair is imperative, but, have you ever noticed how many coffee aficionados do have beards? Maybe I should grow one.

You collect coffee cups. Not just a good handmade clay coffee cup, but those with the crazy sayings. You gravitate to cups that might say, “Don’t bother me. Just pour the coffee.”

You bashed your Keurig. If you took your Keurig out back and bashed it with a sledge hammer, signs are pretty good you are a nerdy coffee geek.

You measure your coffee. I’m not talking about with a teaspoon, I mean you have a full set of digital scales with all the accessories. I’m talking “measuring” your coffee.

Too much equipment. Along with digital scales, you have every type of slow-brew coffee equipment on the market. Coffee cones, French press, bunsen burners, stainless steel canisters, cupping equipment, if it is for making coffee, you have it. Your kitchen counter looks more like a brewing lab than a place to cook bacon.

One final way to tell. You truly are a nerdy coffee geek if all your computer bookmarks are about coffee. All your bookmarks are to sites and forums about coffee. Review sites, shopping sites. Any site you have ever come across that had the word coffee, you bookmarked it.

So if you think any of these descriptions fit you, well you, you know… Your lifestyle just may mean you are the ultimate coffee nerd.

Here’s to enjoying good coffee!

Are you a nerdy coffee geek?
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