The Coffee Cafe, Cigarettes and Friends

coffee-cafe-cigarettes-friendsWalk into any Starbucks or your local coffee cafe and you see the hipsters with their laptops and coffee engulfed in their own world.

I’m not sure if they think it’s cool to “work online” at the coffee cafe or if they are just homeless students needing a place to study. Regardless of which, the coffee cafe is not a new generation idea.

Coffee Cafe of Yesterday

This new look of the coffee cafe has very little resemblance of my first memories of the local hangout.

There was a time when you could walk into the local smoke filled coffee cafe and the first things you would notice was the counter.

It was lined with round padded stools that gave a young boy a thrill of spinning round and round. The coffee cafe was where our fathers gathered to drink coffee, smoke cigarettes and visit with their friends. They had actual conversations with real people. That was the social network, the local coffee cafe.

coffee-cafeThe men lined the counter, the smoke swirled around the room and the conversations were real. If you were looking for a good mechanic or maybe a handyman, you could find one, or at least someone who knew one at the local coffee cafe. That was the Google of the times.

Times Change

Those days are gone and have been replaced with the new coffee cafe of today. There’s Starbucks and countless numbers of local shops that offer free wi-fi connections and a $4.00 cup of coffee. What happened to the twenty-cents a cup and free refill?

Conversations are no longer live. They are conducted on the social networks where you can have hundreds of friends you don’t even know. But we accept it as the norm of today and yesterday is now only a fond memory. One we can reflect on and smile about.

The next time you walk into your favorite coffee cafe, take a look around and see if you can remember how it use to be.

I would love to hear your stories about your favorite memories of your coffee cafe of yesterday. Add your comments below.

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