Coffee Aroma You Love without Brewing a Cup

Fill Your Home with Wonderful Coffee Aroma

coffee aroma

Swan Creek Roasted Espresso 24 Oz Jar Candle

I love a good coffee aroma. Everytime I get ready to brew a cup, I have to take a deep breath through my nose, letting that wonderful coffee aroma fill my senses. As much as I really enjoy coffee, I don't drink but a couple of cups a day. So I got to thinking. How can I enjoy that coffee aroma even when I'm not brewing a cup?

coffee aroma

Let the Coffee Aroma from this Candle Fill Your home

The lightbulb came on. Candles. The solution was so simple. We already have candles in our home so why not a coffee candle? Such an easy solution to be able to enjoy the smell of coffee anytime you want without ever having to crank up your coffee maker.

Do you enjoy the aroma of coffee but don't want to be drinking cup after cup? Then I suggest you at least try this candle. Some say it's a bit strong but as the aroma becomes stronger than you like, simply blow the candle out for a while. 

Swan Creek Roasted Espresso 24 Oz Jar Candle

If you are concerned about indoor air pollution from paraffin candles, don't worry. Swan Creek Candles are clean burning, lead free, intensely fragrant, made from American soybean wax.

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries and coffee aroma is such an inviting fragrance that everyone will love it. Even if you don't like coffee, heaven forbid, but enjoy that full coffee fragrance, then you will thoroughly enjoy the Swan Creek candle.

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