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Find Your Classic Coffee Mugs

Classic coffee mugs, there is just something soothing about drinking your coffee from one you like. They have a traditional look and feel that make you feel good about the coffee you are drinking. Whether choosing stoneware or classic china, you won’t go wrong by selecting the perfect classic coffee mugs from our handpicked selections.

Choosing Your Coffee Mug
When I am in the mood for a new coffee mug, there are a couple things that I look for before I make my final choice.

  • The first thing I look for is the appearance and more importantly, the style or shape. I want one that has a heavier weight to it like a high quality stone type mug.

  • Next is the colors. I tend to lean toward a more earthy color rather than the brighter colors. When you choose your mug, look for colors that you like. If you are looking for sets to match your dinnerware or if you are going for a specific look, be sure they don’t clash with your decor. This is strictly a personal choice.
  • The final test, is how does it hold and will I enjoy drinking my coffee from my new classic coffee mug. When ordering online, you don’t have the luxury of holding the mug but what you can do is go to one of your local homegoods stores and try holding a few different ones.

    You can actually take pictures with your cell phone for comparison when you do order online. This will give you a good indication of how the mug will feel in your hand.

    One other thing you should consider; is it microwave safe. You don’t want one that isn’t, especially if you like to reheat your coffee before your finish a cup.

    There are thousands of places where you can order classic coffee mugs and cups. From traditional to classic to whimsical, finding one that suits you is easy. For me, I find one of the best selections of coffee mugs at Amazon.

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