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Choosing a Jura Impressa Coffee Machine that Is Right for You

Jura Impressa Coffee Machine

Are you ready to be impressed with a coffee maker? Then the Jura Impressa coffee machine will surely do just that. Jura makes some of the best, top quality, top rated espresso coffee machines you will ever find.

The Jura Impressa coffee machine is not for a coffee novice, it is for the guy or gal who really loves all there is to love about coffee. Perfect brewing, high-end quality, and loved by those in the professional coffee industry world wide.

Still this leads you to knowing how to choose the best Jura Impressa machine. First I’ll say that regardless which one you purchase, you will love it. Once you set it on your counter and brew that first espresso, you will understand why you own a Jura.

How to Choose Your Jura

These few thoughts will help you make the right decision before you order your Jura. Are you ready to start drinking the perfect espresso or cappuccino?

  • You need to determine why you are buying your Jura Impressa. Is it for home use and will you use it everyday or just on special occasions? 
  • What is your budget? These machines are not your typical lower priced coffee machines. They are high-end, top quality machines priced accordingly. You can easily invest over $3000 for one of these finely crafted machines.
  • Do you have the counter space for a larger machine? The Jura Impressa coffee machine takes up much more counter space than any traditional coffee maker. They are much deeper and overall, larger.
  • Do you want new or would a refurbished espresso machine suit you better. Jura has a great refurbished program that can save you a bundle.

All models will make a great espresso and a fantastic cappuccino. It pretty much boils down to how much do you want to spend on the machine. But then, if you are looking at a Jura, you already know the price of a great coffee maker. And you already know what it is to have the best brewed coffee at home.

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