Carmen Estate Natural Panama Coffee Review – Delectable Taste

Have you ever found a coffee that you simply love from the beginning? Sort of like love at first sight? I’m here to tell you that the coffee I am currently drinking is simply delectable. The Carmen Estate Natural Panama Coffee just became one of my all time favorite coffees from the region.

Carmen Estate Natural Panama Coffee

This coffee is a treat. Being a light roast, and I’m more of a medium to dark roast type, I was a bit skeptical to say the least. Well, that is until I took my first sip of the Carmen Estate Natural Panama Coffee. I’m hooked.

The official notes say: “…aroma of heavily sugared fruits including pineapple, plum and orange, fresh pie crust, honey and aromatic perfume nuances.”

I say, you gotta’ get some because I know you will love it. Yes, it is a very aromatic coffee, and when you first open the bag, you do get a sense of fresh, light aromas. Oh, but don’t stop there. Get your Chemex out fast and get a cup brewing!

The Taste is Delectable

Once I my first cup was ready, I immediately tasted the sweetness with hints of lemon. You can read more about the various flavors you may find in this Carmen Estate Natural Panama Coffee by visiting the guys at Copper Horse Coffee. In case you are wondering, this is not an affiliate link. I simply want to give credit to these guys for such a fine coffee. One that is easy to drink and will leaving you wanting more.

Carmen Estate Natural Panama Coffee
Carmen Estate is one of the most well known farms in Panama because of their high quality, high altitude coffee and their utmost care in every aspect of the harvesting and processing of coffee cherries. Owner Carlos Aguilera is a third generation owner of the farm. Carmen Estate consistently finishes in the top 5 at specialty coffee cupping contests each year and lots have scored up to 91 points on Coffee Review.

This coffee gets a cupping score of 88. I give it a score of, if you want a great, easy to drink coffee, this is the one.

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